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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new name... help anyone? (originally posted 04-15-11)

I've been going back and forth on my pen name. I would love other people's input. My husband would love for me to use my married name, Van Gelder, but I worry about kooky people in the world tracking me down and causing crazy problems in my homestead. (And yes, I have actually had problems with this, hence the desire to avoid it - not that I don't like calling the police at 4 am to explain why there is a half-naked dude in my kitchen, professing his neverending love, and offering up a small gerbil to prove this love.)

I have a overabundance of names to use that are actually mine:

1) Holderman (this was actually on my first incorrect birth certificate)
2) Robinson (this was actually on my second incorrect birth certificate and comes from the crazy man who was the second of five to marry my mother)
3) Seeger (this is actually my father's last name, but has yet to appear on a proper birth certificate - don't get me started)
4) Van Gelder (my current last name which I share with my true love)

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