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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tin Foil by Erin Evans

Hello! Hello! I've gotten permission from a few of my classmates to post their work up here so you can see the process form their persepctives on writing and hwo they go about it. Erin was one of the first people to get her work in and I thought the topic was interesting. Take a peek and see what you think. Comments are welcome!

Tin Foil
Erin Evans

It wasn’t even really a bad sound. It wasn’t as if it was some kind of screeching noise that made his head and ears hurt. It was just… Tin foil. Being crumpled and folded and smoothed out again. It was easily ignorable… If it hadn’t been so quiet up there. As it was, the sound seemed so much louder than it could possibly be. And it had been going on for nearly an hour now.

Alexander Clark loved Tyler, he really did. The pair of them had been best friends since they were eight, completely inseparable. Of course, you could have said that about any of their group of friends… The six of them had been through so much together over the years, of course they were close. Alex doubted anything could tear them apart… Especially not after last summer, when they’d all developed what could only be called super powers. The whole situation was completely ridiculous, actually, like something out of a book or movie or something. They’d actually started fighting crime… Though they weren’t really any good at it.

As close as the group was, though, Alex and Tyler were closer. They were best friends… Always a duo, almost never seen without the other. And Alex really, honestly, loved him.

But sometimes Alex just wanted to kill him.

It was a perfectly ordinary summer day, a year after their group of friends had first started developing their powers. Their first year of high school was behind them, with three months of blissful freedom before they had to go back. Rebecca has suggested they use the time off to practice with their powers, and all of them had agreed it was a good idea (until Becs had suggested using her dad’s old guns, and Alex had to loudly remind her that the rest of them weren’t bulletproof)… But Toby and his dads were going away for a couple weeks, and Rina had a doctor’s appointment today, and Becs was being forced to babysit, so they had to put it off. Which was how Alex and Tyler had found themselves hanging out in Tyler’s old treehouse.

The treehouse was quiet and private… So Alex had brought along his favorite book, planing to spend the hot afternoon re-reading it in the cool shade. Tyler wouldn’t mind… They did that a lot when there was nothing to do, just sitting together and reading something or another. They’d still be able to talk, after all… But apparently Tyler didn’t feel like reading any of his massive collection of comic books today. Instead he’d decided to… Practice. On a piece of tin foil.

Alright, so it was good that he was practicing, especially with something that wasn’t a rock. Tyler’s manipulation of what they had, so far, only been able to loosely define as “minerals” got much weaker when an object wasn’t natural. The more unnatural and processed it was, the harder it was for him to manipulate it. The foil would be good practice for him… Alex was even glad to see it, for a few minutes.

Then the sound started to seriously drive him nuts.

Alex tried to ignore it. His hands gripped his book tightly and his teeth ground together as he tried valiantly to slip away into the fictional world… But he couldn’t. He couldn’t ignore that incessant metallic rustling. The almost popping noise it made when it was crumpled together. The sound of it tearing a bit as it moved through the air…

“Will you cut that out?” he finally snapped, slamming his book against his knees as he turned to glare at his friend. His friend snapped his head to look back, the wad of foil falling to his lap as he lost concentration.

“Cut what out? I’m not doing anything!”

“That!” Alex said, pointing at the metal ball, “Just… Stop it!”

Tyler looked down, picking up the ball and looking at it for a moment. Then he turned and looked back at Alex like he’d grown an extra head.


“Yes! Just stop playing with it already!”

“I’m not playing, I’m practicing! We need to practice if were ever going to be heroes!”

Alex groaned, rolling his eyes. Not the hero thing again… Really, part of the reason they’d all decided to fight crime was simply to get Tyler to shut up about it. A person could only handle having Spiderman quoted at them so many times.

“I know, I get it!” he shouted, “We suck. We need to get better or we might get ourselves killed or something. But can’t you practice on something less… Obnoxious?”

“How is tin foil obnoxious?”

“The… The noise!”

Tyler stared at him for a moment before breaking out into a fit of laughter.

“It’s not funny!”

“Yes it is! The noise? Seriously, Alex, it’s not even that bad!”

“It is too, magnet-head!”

Tyler just grinned at the nickname, crossing his arms. Alex used it far too often (and far too affectionately) for it to actually offend him anymore. Not that it ever really had.

“Oh yeah? How?”

“You listen to it for an hour straight and tell me it’s not annoying!”

“I have been,” Tyler said with a snort, clearly amused. Which only annoyed Alex further.

“It’s not the same! You’re making the noise!”

“And you’re reading!”

“I can’t read with that noise!”

Tyler was clearly fighting back another fit of laughter now. Alex tried glaring at him again… But that just made it worse. The other boy just cracked up, almost cackling in glee. Alex crossed his arms, slumping down the wall and trying not to look embarrassed. Alright, so maybe it was a little ridiculous… But that noise was still driving him crazy.

“Sorry, professor,” Tyler said when he was finally able to speak again, grinning at Alex from across the room, “I didn’t know this was supposed to be a library…”

Alex scowled at the hated nickname, immediately turning his glare to an old pillow in the corner. Tyler didn’t even have time to duck.

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