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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Me? They Talked About Me...? (originally posted 10-11-11)

A few years back while at a writers' conference, I had a fairytale experience that resulted in my getting a new, fabulous agent. It, also, resulted in my ending up - namelessly, but everyone knew it was me - in an article by Adair Lara in the San Francisco Chronicle. (And before you think I'm seeing things, I didn't actually discover this article. Several friends did and called me up to tell me about it... niceeeee....:)   )

The one line that pertains to me is at the bottom,, "This week he was debating which lucky agent to give a talented writer in his workshop to." And he worked his butt-tukas off finding me one... Now, I have to get off my butt-tukas and finish the damn thing...

Grrr..., but here we go!

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