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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let the blogging begin...again

I'm back home now, for all intents and purposes, which I can't decide what those will be.

As some of you heard, the 2012 Blog Tour had some hiccups and my blog along with some others were accidentally dropped from the rotation. I know that there were lots of people looking forward to a chance at an Elektra Johnson designer dress (link on the side to her sites), so I'm moving forward with my contest anyway.

The rules are:

  1. You have to be a registered follower of this blog.
  2. You have to refer at least 5 people that become followers of this blog.
  3. You have from now (January 17, 2012) until the end of February (February 29, 2012 midnight) to complete all tasks.
4. For every 10 people you get to sign up as a follower of Pain_N_The_Cass, you get a credit of 1 referred blog follower. (we all know Twitter followers are easier to get than I was back in college... I was rather popular with the band, remember?)

Referred followers need to write a quick email or message from their accounts letting me know who referred them.

Other rules may have to be implemented if people start playing dirty...cause I completely understand and I so jealous of the guy who got airline miles for pudding cups.

Prizes are 1) an Elektra Johnson designer dress and 2a) a choice of either a short story written by me that uses your name and another person's name you choose (like maybe your arch enemy finally gets his comeuppance in a tale of woe and beatdown!) and details you give me about both parties along with 5% of the proceeds once published OR 2b) a character in my upcoming book can be named after you or a person of your choosing.


I'm going to start working on some things to make this site more friendly and inviting, too. If anyone knows how to do some of the little things like adding a picture in and letting the text of the blog flow around it, I'd love to hear about it.

I've got to get moving even faster on my book. Chris (my lovely husband) and I made a series of bets that we haven't decided yet what the prizes) will be. The overall goal is for him to lose about 50lbs before the year's end; mine is to finish the book completely. He has a semi-goal coming up where he has to lose 25lbs. before April 1st for something at his office. So, we're putting that together with my goal and saying I have to have 50% of the work done and ready to go. I realize that's not the halfway mark for the year, but we both know that I've got a huge chunk of this already done, so to be fair, I should have my mark at 50%.

So, here comes the tough part. We have to think of something for the two of us to win if one of us gets the goal before the other or achieves it at all. It's okay if the prize is distinctive to our own likes and dislikes. It should be that way. Whatever drives me isn't always what drives him. like, I could see his 25lbs. mark being something like getting 3 video games or going to see a professional football game... something like that.

For me, it would probably be something like a new Dooney & Bourke purse (curse you, Amy Van Gelder-Brown for starting me on this path of financial destruction and ultimate gorgeousness! [speaking of which, I have your Christmas present and it's small, but it is from Coach. :)] ), or  Disney big fig, or something equally fun and totally unnecessary. I mean, it can't be something I would just do anyway. It's gotta be something that would justify work.

For the big prize, I thought about maybe a Disney cruise if I win... even the little 3 day one to Mexico. I'm sure Chris would want something like a week in Washington State seeing the Redskins play or going somewhere and seeing the Gamecocks play. Although, I think seeing Sevendust play at the 48 Hour festival this summer was something I could have used... That's quite a carrot.

What about you? What would be something that would get you to actually follow through on your New Year's resolution (other than the resolution itself)? Working towards a goal, sometimes you need something to validate or commemorate the accomplishment. What would be yours?

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