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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

F**ked Up Days Happen All The Time (originally posted 02-02-11)

Writing today seems nearly impossible. I don't know that I have it in me to even look at the pages. I've spent my day, buried in someone else's work, fixing it so it's readable. They appreciate my work, so it makes it easier to take in the fact that I'm tearing down and rebuilding someone else's words rather than creating my own.

I wrote an entirely different post that I gave a few moments pause to posting, but I decided against it.

It was neither funny nor inspirational. It was just sad. Deeply, deeply sad. And there's enough sadness. Just take a look at the news. Or inside Lindsay Lohan's house.

Chalk it up to a sucky, fuc*y day, and let it slide on down.

I leave it with this - I wish there were more people in my life who could look at me and believe in me, believe in what I had to say, rather than to disregard the truth and believe something that has no proof and no weight.

It broke my heart today to have no benefit, that loveliest of benefits, the one of doubt.

Benefit of doubt.

It is, isn't it? A great benefit.

Anyway, I have to get this finished or I will be stuck doing this work for the rest of my life.

THAT should be motivation enough. But it isn't. Oooh, look, the laundry's backing up again.

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