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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Manti Te'o - Catfish, Red Herring... It's What's For Dinner (Previously posted for ESPN Las Vegas' blog)

(originally posted on January 28, 2013 for my part of the ESPN Las Vegas blog.)

Honestly...can we please stop talking about this thing like it matters?

Apparently not... or so says Dr. Phil. He's decided he just must have Ronaiah Tuiasosopo on his show. Don't know who that is? Shame on you. He's only the second tier character in the soap opera we call the Manti Te'o Incident.

He's decided he wants to go on Dr. Phil and talk about what he to Manti Te'o and his (wait for it) obsession with we couldn't have guessed that. I mean, seriously, four years you keep this hoax up. If that's not obsession then we need to rewrite the definition.

Truthfully, I was agog why no one chose to focus on this little puppy long ago. He's the real story. I mean, who does that? Junior high cheerleader wannabes? He's one Pixie Stix away from dressing up a gerbil in Christmas clothes and calling it he's new girlfriend.

Obsession is a dangerous thing. Think about it... for four years he kept up this hoax and played with this guy's emotions and then embarrassed him publicly when it finally came out (Not many people even knew the name of the alleged perpetrator until just recently (Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, by the way) nor has anyone bothered to get him in front of a microphone to ask him why in the world he would ever do something so mean. Until now...

Previously, it seemed like it might have something to do with his family. One of his uncles was quoted on CNN as saying,

"It definitely takes two to tango. This is not just a matter of blaming it all on Ronaiah."

Wow... nice way to take responsibility there. The uncle also later says,

"And if not for this young man and his strength and family with God, he would have done something stupid."

You mean like torture an acquaintance for four years while pretending to be a woman online... or does he have something worse up his sleeve?

The more I hear of this story, the more I think fiction is entirely unnecessary. Why would you need it when the truth is so much more crazy?

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