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Monday, November 17, 2014

Beautiful Space...Lose the Used Car Salesman Pitch (Chateau Elan Spa - Braselton, GA)

(This review is specifically about the spa located on property at Chateau Elan and not the entire winery/resort.)

Chateau Elan's spa is tucked behind the Inn, nestled among low hanging trees. The walk there puts you in the mindset for what's to come.

Eucalyptus puts me right into the mood - very Pavlovian. The ease and quiet of the stone structure readies you for many delights.

While my husband and I frequent spas whenever we can afford it - the time and the money - we had a newcomer with us. We were delighted with how they made him feel very comfortable and welcome.

The space swirls around downstairs and up, making it sometimes hard to keep track of where you are or where you're going. We each were escorted to individual rooms for deep tissue massages (only 50 minutes, which I've felt is a tease...just as you relax, boom, it's done.)

My masseuse was fantastic and really able to dig in, which made it all the more sad that it was only 50 minutes long. However, at the end, I was escorted into a little shop room to purchase this, that, and the other. I wasn't interested. I never am. I have enough random bottles of miracle-touting products in my bathroom drawers already.

I located the rest of my party and we fluctuated between the first bright lounge area, which overlooks a pond, and the quiet room, which for some reason encourages no one to be quiet.

My husband and our guest wandered up to the café (which I'm told the food was healthful, clean, and delicious. I write "told" because I booked an extra service and missed lunch.)

I went upstairs for a back facial (a weird name since a facial is about the face, and a back has no face...anyway.) Again, when I finished, there we were back at the little shop. Again, I wasn't interested.

Our party found each other again and soon afterwards were brought to another floor for our facials. Again, when I finished, here I was right back inside a little shop.


What was even more irritating was to learn than neither of the males were ever offered this "opportunity."

Overall, we're fans - except for the obvious. We're looking at coming back and staying at the spa as a hotel.

It's slightly overpriced, but that may be a perception thing, too. They include the 20% when you check in, so you don't have to bother with all that later, if you don't want to. Is this a benefit; I'm not sure.

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