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Friday, August 9, 2013

You Can Drink Chloride... Just Don't Share...

I had always meant to take the turn that heads towards Chloride, AZ., especially after I had seen a couple of films use the highway side motel in a few scenes. Seeing as I wouldn't bee heading that way again very soon, I opted to turn off and take a peek. At the tiny chapel next to the gas station, I took a turn.

Chapel in Arizona
There are actually two welcome signs coming into Chloride, but I found this - as most peopel do - more interesting.
Chloride's Welcome Sign

Non-working Gas Station

Chloride Market with Signs

Artistic Approach to a Yard

Downtown Chloride

Storage Building

Making a Fence from What You Have

Retirement Home for Gnomes (I'm not kidding. It's on the sign.)


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