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Friday, August 9, 2013



It means "Grand Canyon" in Hopi...

Is there a big enough word for this place?


Grand Canyon Plants

Solar Panels Keeping the Restroom Lights On

Colorado River

Grand Canyon... of course

I'm half expecting an F150 to come barreling over this thing...

Carved Log Bench near Mathers Point

Left Behind

Desert Flowers

I saw a fellow trying to steal some rocks from this formation.
He stopped when he saw I was watching him.
He pooh poohed the fact he did not get it by saying something like, "Oh, I didn't want it anyway."
I said, "...and not just because it's a federal offense?" 

Another angle


Hopi House - South Rim

Front of El Tovar Hotel

Side of El Tovar Hotel

Just outside the hotel, looking down the canyon

El Tovar Hotel from across the way

Entrance to Cabin


Tater Tot Van Gelder and the Kolb Studio
(The studio is actually 3 stories tall. The rest is over the side of the canyon. Yikers!)

Trails for people who cannot walk to the bottom of the canyon and back up

Tunnel on a trail

El Tovar Hotel Back Porch

Grand Canyon

Little Colorado River

Brush near Little Colorado River

Painted Desert

Man, I hope they don't start a fight...

Straight down...

...into the Little Colorado River

Dried Up Bed of Little Colorado's Banks

Painted Desert...literally

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