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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I've been ill...

Sorry for any delay in writing. I've been at the hospital this weekend, recovering from horrid migraine that could even be affected by all the drugs I normally take. They admitted me Friday and I've been home for just a little bit with new steroids and pain pills (yuck!) to make me better. So far, so good. We don't know the cause at this potent. I did get a new treatment on Monday and had a bad allergic reaction in spite of taking all the pre-meds. I go back Friday for more and if there's a reaction then, I go back the follows week for tests, I'm told. Cross your fingers, chant, say prayers, or whatever lovely good things you can throw our way. We're not discriminatory. 😘. 💉. 💊. 📝. 📖. 🙏 P.s. I hate that Whitney Houston died and not for the reasons you think. It's because now everyone will think it's sacrilegious for me to say what I've always said - that I didn't care for her singing because she sang on the quarter tone and it drove me up the wall. I didn't wish her dead. I just didn't like to hear her sing. Grrrr... I no likey being PC. 😁. 👎. 🎤. I think these drugs are hitting me.

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