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Thursday, November 8, 2012

For now...but only for now...

The clock is ticking. I promised this would be the year. I pat myself on the back when I finally input 4300 words several days ago, but then can't find time to do another 4300 and another 4300.

I want to believe I'll finish it this year. I want to believe that what I consider to be important, not just for me but for many people in my situation, that this will make it worth finishing. Why can't I make myself?

So, for now, I seem to be in a holding pattern, wanting so much to finish so I can move onto the next thing, but not being able to let go until this thing is perfect.

Any ideas are welcome... I can't say I won't scoff at them or nod my head then not put them to use, but I can try, just like anyone else. I can try.

Tomorrow, I finish a sculpture due for the appropriately titled, "Sculpture" class. I have hesitated telling people what it is until they see it because, as I tell them, I don't want to influence their critiques. I'm hoping to post a picture of it when I finish tomorrow.

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