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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dead Bunnies Wake Up a Sleeping Giant

It's been months since I last wrote on here, but not the since I last wrote in general.

The other thing is I've started doing my artwork again. Whoo-hoo! So I'm shooting to get into the October 5, 2012, First Friday event in downtown Las Vegas. I'll post if I get in so everyone can come down. I'll be setting up an etsy site, too, with some interesting new wearable artwork. Some of the artwork lends itself more towards tattoo art, so if anyone has any idea how to generate income from that without actually doing tattoos, let me know.

Also, I ended up getting into the recording studio and finally doing a few new tunes. I'll post them here as soon as I can. I think I have to post them as a video, so that might be, um, interesting. I think Ill be channelling Celine Dion without missing concert dates because (cough, cough) I'm ill.

I'm working on a new piece, hoping I can get it up here soon. It's called "The Dead Bunnies of Hitler's Regime"...and, yes, there's a story about the title.

My husband and I were driving home one afternoon, and we saw a smushed bunny in the middle of the road. I said, "I used to get so upset about seeing the little dead rabbits, but as a Buddhist, I starting thinking of it as if it were someone who was a really bad person - like Hitler - who'd been reincarnated as a furry rabbit who gets run over, over and over."

As we drive down the road, we kept seeing more dead rabbits in the road (with all the newly built houses in our area, the coyotes have taken off for Fiji, leaving the rabbits to multiply like...rabbits.) As we passed yet another one, I said, "Must be another one of the dead bunnies of Hitler's regime. "...and a title was born...only to get run over by a semi two seconds later.

But that's for later.... Hold your breath, your questions, and we'll get this thing in motion again.  Thanks for making this worth it.

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