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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Latvia!

Hello Latvia! I just saw we have several more unofficial views from this great country that I, coincidentally enough, almost ended up living in.

Way back when the 90's were on the wane, I got an offer for a job where I would spend 6 months of the year in Riga. The company had recently bought a small company there and wanted to maintain it, but change it a bit. This was apparently a huge problem, as (according to the people I interview with) the people thought of their co-workers as family. They didn't like to have people unceremoniously fired or laid off as we Americans were getting in the habit of doing.

In the end, the idea of being forced to fly every six months was a deal breaker for me. At the time, I hadn't discovered my true flying friend, Xanax, which meant every six months, I was definitely going to have a breakdown. Either I was going to have to learn to fly my own plane or me and Diana Nyad were going to become swimming buddies. (look it's on wikipedia.)

Anyway, a great welcome to those of you have just joined our program. We are happily sponsored by no one and hope to continue that glorious tradition!

I would very much like to visit your great country. Maybe once the new book is done and I can come to write about you.

Wikipedia's version of Latvia

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